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We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Publication "BEST PRACTICE" prepared by our volunteers (link) 


During the EVS- Erasmus Plus cofunded program, Innovation Institute Foundation in cooperation with the Innovation Incubator Foundation (from Konstancin) hosting 3 international volunteers:

  • 23 yo Ella from United Kingdom
  • 24 yo Francois from France
  • 22 yo Geoffrey from France
  • 18 yo Oskar from Germany
  • 23 yo Miriam from spain
Volunteers will actively contribute to the local community by the end of 2016.

Our Volunteers:


Ella is 23 years old and comes from a small city in the south of England. At University she studied Anthropology and spent a year in Australia as part of her course. Since then she has volunteered abroad and completed internships at charities, and worked in a refugee camp. She is especially interested in the problems faced by marginalised communities, and working with migrants and refugees here gives her a unique insight into the situation of these people in Poland. She is also half Polish, so she has a special interest in coming here to see Polish life first hand! Aside from these things, Ella enjoys climbing, swimming, seeing live music and playing guitar.




Francois comes from Le mans, in France, he is 24 years old, He has a diplom, High Level Technician, in business school. He lives for my cultural and social enrichments. he is curious and always looking for new discoveries. Francois chose to join a Polish institute because when he came to Poland last February to visit, he directly felt like at home. Polish culture is close to his own values: kindness, sharing and respect.




Oskar comes from Leipzig. Oscar passion is mathematics, also knows how to play the guitar. Due to his young age quickly established a great, direct contact with the students of high school No. 1 in Konstancin and the participants of the project "Young about Warsaw." Oskar also participates in the meetings of the Senior Club, during which conducts conversations in German.




Geoffrey is fascinated by Poland, he spent several months in Olsztyn, where he worked with the local administration and one month for an intensive course Polish language in Krakow. Geoffrey graduated bachelor in the field of human resources management, he is currently under study for the "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" at the University in France. Geoffrey willing to lead classes in French, for children, teenagers and adults and consultations for young entrepreneurs in developing a business plan.





Miriam is 23 years old and is studying chemical engineering and mediation. She is interested in renewable energy sources. She has experience in organizing workshops for children, her passion is theater. She's happy to lead classes in Spanish, for children, teenagers and adults.


The main tasks of volunteers is leading free of charges language courses (French, German and Spanish) and organization of cultural and educational events aimed at migrants and residents of Warsaw and the surrounding areas, as well as supporting ongoing operations of Innovation Institute Foundation and Innovation Incubator Foundation.
Volunteers came to Warsaw in mid-January this year but they have already involved in many activities and social projects :

  • Volunteers participated in the lessons of English and German in primary school no. 1 in Konstancin Jeziorna, where they presented their countries, they strove conversations and gained experience in teaching foreign languages ?.
  • During the winter holidays the volunteers were active in Konstancin House of Culture, where they were playing board games with the children and conducted conversations in English during the program "Winter in the City".
  • Volunteers involved in the implementation of the movie competition "Young about Warsaw", actively participated in movie workshops and supporting foundation team in making movies that promote Warsaw.
  • Volunteers also support the Foundation in conducting the project "Recycling of toys". Recycling of toys run in Arkadia Shopping Mall where we collect unwanted toys, repair them, and then pass to the needy children in Poland and abroad. Volunteers conduct educational activities about recycling in schools and in the Arkadia shopping center. They learn how to use different materials and do creative toy with unnecessary objects or packages, as well as repair the old toy and give it a "second life".
    Check the current schedule of Arcadia events on our website . If you want to free classes held at your school , contact us: kamila@kaszkiel.pl tel.: 503 012 957
  • Currently volunteers also conduct free language classes for migrants in English, German, Spanish and French.
  • Our volunteers are also working on the preparation of integration events promoting the culture of France, Spain and Germany. More information soon!


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Contact person: KAMILA KASZKIEL tel.: +48 503 012 957 | e-mail: kamila@kaszkiel.pl

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